Health Care Culinary Contest: Recipes for Antibiotic Awareness

Throughout Antibiotic Awareness Week (formerly known as Get Smart Week), Nov. 13–17, Health Care Without Harm will be featuring recipes created through clinical and culinary collaboration with a focus on ingredients produced without antibiotics.

Hospitals across the country are taking this collaboration to the next level by participating in the Health Care Culinary Contest. They are reimagining hospital food’s potential one meal at a time and earning recognition for their hospitals’ role in combatting antibiotic resistance, climate change, and other threats to human health.

The contest, which closes Nov. 30, is an opportunity for hospital chefs, food purchasers, and clinicians to connect and create a recipe that reimagines protein on the plate. Participants can earn points when a physician, pharmacist, nurse, or another allied health professional participates in the event by assisting with promotion and education.