How the Health Care Sector Can Help Prevent Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture: 2015 Webinar Series

Antibiotic resistance continues to increase across the country. Although there is strong consensus among independent health experts that such antibiotic use in agriculture is a major contributor to this trend, antibiotics continue to be used prolifically in food animal agriculture for non-therapeutic purposes. The healthcare sector, with both its procurement power and moral authority, can contribute greatly to the end goal of eliminating the misuse and overuse of such important medicines in agriculture. 

This webinar series, presented and recorded in 2015, discusses the roles that doctors, dietitians, nurses, hospital food service staff, and other public health advocates can play in protecting our antibiotics.

Part 1: Foundations: Emerging Science, Food Production Practices, and Federal Policy

This webinar outlines the foundational issues around antibiotic use in animal agriculture, and provides an overview of the current policy landscape.

Presenters include: Shannon Heyck-Williams, Pew Charitable Trusts; and Clayton Cox, Congressional Fellow, Office of US Representative Louise Slaughter. The webinar is moderated by Nicki Milgrom, Ecology Center.

Part 2: Opportunities for Health Professional Engagement: Clinical Advocacy on Policies and  Procurement Resolutions

This session was hosted in collaboration with the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society (PIDS) and the Sharing Antimicrobial Reports for Pediatric Stewardship (SHARPS)

This webinar features three physicians active in efforts to promote comprehensive antibiotic stewardship using a three-pronged approach: clinical practice, food purchasing, and policy advocacy. Current research is reviewed and tangible suggestions about how health professionals, particularly clinicians, can serve as leaders in stewardship of antibiotics in food production are discussed.

Presenters include: Jason G. Newland, MD, MEd, FPIDS, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine; Aparna Bole, MD, University Hospital Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital; and Scott Weissman, MD, Seattle Children’s Hospital. The webinar is moderated by Stacia Clinton, HCWH.

Part 3: The Role of Procurement in Preventing Antibiotic Overuse in Food Production

This webinar focuses on how hospitals can use their purchasing power to engage in cross-sector or market transformation procurement strategies to prevent antibiotic overuse in food production while still making the business case.  

Presenters include: Dan Henroid, MS, RD, Director, Nutrition & Food Services, Sustainability Officer, UCSF Medical Center; Barbara Hamilton, Sustainability Manager, Palomar Health; Monica Nakielski, Program Manager, Sustainable Initiatives, Partners Healthcare. The webinar is moderated by Hillary Bisnett, HCWH.