Anchors in Action



Anchors in Action alliance is a first-of-its-kind, national cross-sector partnership among Center for Good Food Purchasing, Health Care Without Harm, and Real Food Challenge. Together these groups represent more than 850 hospitals, 7,800 elementary and secondary schools, 28 public institutions in 14 cities, and 100 plus colleges and universities - representing food service budgets collectively in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Hospitals, schools, universities, and municipal governments have the potential to improve public and environmental health and to strengthen the economic vitality of their communities. As anchor institutions, they are rooted in place, holding significant investments in real estate and social capital, are among the largest employers in their communities, and are often explicitly oriented toward supporting community health in alignment with their missions.

These three organizations seek to leverage the procurement power and moral authority of anchor institutions to realize their shared vision of a food system that conserves and renews natural resources, advances social justice and animal welfare, builds community wealth, and fulfills the food and nutrition needs of all eaters now and into the future. Anchors in Action groups drive change by unifying demand within and across institutional networks for supply chains that benefit all people, especially underserved and marginalized communities, ultimately seeking:  

  • Healthier, more sustainable, and ethically produced food for those who eat in institutions.
  • Market access and resources for producers who supply institutions.
  • A shift in the entire food system towards health, justice, sustainability, equity, and community ownership.

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