Less Meat, More Options, Better Health: How Hospital Food is Leading us to a Healthy and Sustainable Future

[Medium] With the science clear on the impending public health impact of climate change and the absence of national policies to protect us from further progression, hospitals, and health professionals are using the tools they have at their disposal to protect our future.

They are allocating their purchases to support systems that are judicious with our natural resources and, in the case of local food purchases, improve the economic stability of our nation's communities. In particular, hospitals are removing meat, particularly meat raised conventionally,  from the center of the plate or off it entirely.

A new report released by Health Care Without Harm, Redefining Protein: Adjusting Diets to Protect Public Health and Conserve Resources, distills current research to reveal the human, environmental, and social impacts of the production of high-protein foods other than meat to arm hospitals with key information to design the healthiest plate...(Continue Reading).