Blended burgers

The Incredible Blendable Burger

The hamburger is an American tradition but health care professionals know that eating too much red meat can have health consequences.  Too much meat can also have negative impacts on the environment - causing air and water pollution and contributing to climate change.  

The James Beard Foundation developed an innovative strategy to reduce our consumption of meat while still enjoying the burgers we love: the blended burger. A blended burger combines mushrooms (or other plant-based ingredients) with ground beef (or other ground meat) to reduce the total meat in the burger while improving its flavor.

Health Care Without Harm is bringing this strategy to the health care sector as a complement to our “less meat, better Meat” approach.  By serving blended burgers you can address the health risks associated with meat over-consumption and reduce your facility’s environmental impact.


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Why serve a blended burger?


Blending beef with mushrooms improves its taste due to the savory “umami” flavor in mushrooms. Mushrooms also retain moisture for a juicier burger. 


Blended Burgers reduce meat in the diet and add vegetables.  One serving of mushrooms contains three grams of protein, one gram of fiber, and nutrients such as vitamin D, antioxidants, B vitamins, and potassium.  Enhancing the flavor of meat with mushrooms also can reduce the need for salt. 


Livestock contributes 18 percent of the global greenhouse gasses which cause climate change. Eliminating meat for one day per week could reduce emissions having an equivalent impact to taking 273 million cars off the road. 


How the Blended Burger Can Help Solve Our Emissions Crisis from Epicurious


Reducing the amount of meat in a burger can lower the cost and can make it more cost effective to utilize meat with sustainable attributes such as local beef raised without routine antibiotics 

Patient care

For patients on restricted diets but that are craving their comfort foods, blending meat with mushrooms may help align nutrient profiles with their health needs. 

Get Creative!

Blending is not just for burgers!  Try blending mushrooms with other dishes such as meatloaf, meatballs, and chili.  Or try blending greens, grains, and other ingredients with your favorite protein.  Blending goes a long way to help improve our health and the health of the planet.


How to Make a Blended Burger from the James Beard Foundation