Children's health protection is a critical measure of success in addressing climate change

Children's Health

[Climate for Health, by Rebecca Rehr] The voices of health professionals on climate solutions have been steadily rising and the health sector is stepping up to mitigate our own climate impact as an integral part of our commitment to improve human health. On September 12, 2018, Climate for Health joined dozens of leading health organizations representing more than five million doctors, nurses, and public health professionals, and 17,000 hospitals, in more than 120 countries to make commitments and unveil a Call to Action on Climate and Health.  The Call to Action was released as part of the Global Climate and Health Forum, an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS), and include plans for health professionals to take meaningful action to protect public health from climate change and advocate for climate solutions.

ecoAmerica and Climate for Health are also working with our partners to help them take similar steps.

Organizations and leaders in the spotlight at GCAS focused on carbon mitigation tactics, but we must also discuss how to measure success of these tactics. One critical measure of success in addressing climate change should be protecting children’s health. Another event held in conjunction with GCAS, Children’s Health, the Measure of Success when Addressing Climate Solutions – A Discussion of What We Know, Don’t Know & Need to Know, convened a diverse group of climate scientists and children’s health experts to explore the topic. During her keynote address at the event, Gina McCarthy, former EPA Administrator and Director of C-CHANGE, reminded us that kids should be the focus of our discussions on climate change because they make it personal.  Climate change science is established and strong, and now it is up to us to engage people by making the facts personal...

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