Clinical Advocacy around Antibiotics: From Resolutions to Policy Engagement

This webinar, part 2 of the How the Health Care Sector Can Help Prevent Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture: 2014 Webinar Series, presents tangible suggestions on how health professionals, particularly clinicians, can become involved in being stewards of antibiotics in food production.

Amy Collins, MD, with MetroWest Medical Center and Health Care Without Harm speaks about the pressing need for medical professionals to become a part of sustainable food advocacy in their practice and communities, and with their patients.

Having helped spearhead an antibiotic-free meat purchasing resolution at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, Thomas Newman, MD, a Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Pediatrics at UCSF and a National Board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility, explains how such a process can be repeated at other medical institutions.

Steve Heilig, MPH, the Director of Public Health for the San Francisco Medical Society, which also passed a resolution on antibiotics in animal agriculture, provides details on how medical societies elsewhere can adopt similar resolutions.

Objectives for this webinar include learning: 

1) Why the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is a public health crisis 

2) Why it is important for medical professionals to become familiar with and active on sustainable food issues 

3) Opportunities for clinicians and health professionals to become involved in antibiotics stewardship and public policy at multiple levels.

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