Could the Future of Hospital Food Be Healthy, Plant-Based, and Delicious?

[The Food Revolution Network] Two major medical groups in the U.S. are calling on hospitals to end the irony and support patient health with healthy food.

The American Medical Association House of Delegates — a group which represents more than 200,000 physicians — issued a policy statement on June 14th at its annual meeting calling on U.S. hospitals to make some changes to hospital food for patients, staff, and visitors:

Increase healthful, plant-based meal options, Eliminate processed meat from menus, and

Provide and promote healthful beverages, including getting rid of sugary drinks and sodas

The American College of Cardiology also recently released new guidelines urging hospitals to improve patient menus by adding healthy plant-based options and removing processed meats.

The guidelines recommend that “at least one plant-based main dish” should be offered and promoted at every meal. And that processed meats — bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs, and deli meats — shouldn’t be offered at hospitals at all.

They also call for a variety of vegetables and fruits to be served in all hospital cafeterias and on-site restaurants...(Continue reading).