First season of Nourished generates $159k for region

Red fire farm

Health care nourishes patients and farmers

The Nourished by New England program launched last fall. Forty-three hospitals participated in the program, featuring kale, beets, potatoes, and pollock that were grown and caught across New England. Hospitals spent an average of $3,690 on local foods over the fall season, 40 percent ($1,475) of which was spent on the four featured items. This represents nearly $159,000 being infused into the regional food economy.

The program has done more than generate sales for regional farm and food businesses. Hospitals have used this opportunity to educate patrons on the connection between health and food. Women and Infants Hospital in Rhode Island prepared a kale and cabbage salad to introduce their customers to the flavor of kale and its nutritional benefits. Samples along with the recipe were provided during peak lunch hours and the dish was made available for sale at the salad bar.

Nourished by New England is a free seasonal harvest program that simplifies buying local. The program comes with a variety of beautiful and informative marketing materials for you to promote your work. Hospitals from across New England are participating in Nourished to celebrate seasonal foods. Join us for the spring season of Nourished by signing up today. Spring’s featured items are radishes, onion, mixed greens, and hake.