Gearing up for summer favorites in New England


Spring has sprung and we are heading into the summer season of Nourished by New England, our seasonal harvest program for health care. Crisp cucumbers, sweet berries, and fresh redfish are on the menu for summer. If you haven’t joined, now is the perfect time to sign up for Nourished by New England and get access to recipes and illustrated promotional materials for our featured items.

  • Cucumbers: A member of the melon family, local cucumbers are available from July through October. Our recipe for a colorful crispy salad, featuring cucumbers, would be a great side dish or addition to your salad bar.
  • Berries: The New England berry season gets started in June with strawberries and stretches across the summer months with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, which are available into September.
  • Redfish: Also called ocean perch, redfish is a mild and sweet white fish. Redfish is available throughout the summer months, and into the fall. Serve it as a local fish taco or simply roast it and serve with butter, lemon, and herbs.
  • Tomatoes: Beefsteak, cherry, grape, and heirloom varieties grow across New England during the summer months. Use fresh on your salad bar, slice for sandwiches, or make a tasty salsa to go with local fish tacos.

Buying, serving, and promoting local is a great way to nourish your customers, support local farms and food businesses, and help build the regional food system’s capacity to produce 50% of food eaten in New England by 2060.

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