A Global Threat: G20 Health Ministers Join Forces to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

The threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is growing worldwide and according to the May 2017 Berlin Statement put out by G20 Health Ministers, “AMR has the potential to have a major negative impact on public health as well as on growth and global economic stability.” A result of their first-ever meeting, the statement articulates a strong, multifaceted approach to tackling global misuse of antibiotics.

Representatives from 20 of the world’s leading economies and the European Union pledged to “lead by example” by instituting national level action plans by the end of 2018, as well as improving antimicrobial resistance surveillance and antibiotic usage, incentivizing research and development of antimicrobial agents, and encouraging better coordination of existing initiatives.The declaration will inform the agenda of the G20 leaders’ summit in July.

Practice Greenhealth provides resources for health care institutions interested in decreasing their patient and employee exposure to antimicrobials from items such as hand soap and furnishings and programs to provide guidance in specifying meat and poultry grown without unnecessary antibiotic use.

[Source: The Pharmaceutical Journal]