Health Care Climate Council to brief Congress on climate and health

The Health Care Climate Council will visit Capitol Hill Nov. 2 to deliver its first briefing to Congress. Hospital leaders from across the country will meet with members of Congress and their staffs to share how the U.S. health care sector is preparing for extreme weather and to encourage representatives to partner with hospitals to reduce pollution and build a resilient health care system.

Please take a few minutes to invite your member of Congress to attend this important event. A phone call or email from a constituent can go a long way. Here’s a sample script:

“As a constituent, I am concerned about how climate change is impacting my community’s health. It is important to me that Representative [last name] partners with the hospitals in our region to prepare for the impacts of climate change. I would like to invite Representative [last name] to an important briefing hosted by the Health Care Climate Council at 3:30 p.m. Nov. 2 in 2103 Rayburn to learn more about how to prevent and prepare for the health impacts of climate change in our community. Can I count on Representative [last name] to send a member of their staff to the briefing?”

You can also download and share the invitation with your member of Congress.

Thank you for encouraging congressional representatives’ leadership in mitigating and preparing for the health effects of climate change.