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The contest’s influence

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The Health Care Culinary Contest provides hospital chefs and health care culinary professionals a national platform to change the way people think about hospital food through innovative, plant-forward, sustainable, and budget friendly recipes.

By entering the contest, participants get the chance to gain some celebrity in the culinary world and be recognized in Health Care Without Harm’s culinary contest celebration and at CleanMed 2022. Last year’s Health Care Culinary Contest champion’s dish was from Noriel San Pedro of Stanford Health Care who went on to be featured at the Culinary Institute Of America’s Menus of Change conference.

Your influence

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As a key partner and influencer in the health care culinary scene, you can play an important (and fun) role in sharing the contest on social media. The more we amplify the contest to hospital chefs and culinary professionals in our networks, the louder our collective voice becomes in the national dialogue around hospital food.

To make sharing as easy as possible, we’ve created a number of sample posts and images free for you to use. Each post is under Twitter’s 280 character limit, so they can be used across all social media platforms. 

When crafting your own posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, we encourage you to use the following relevant hashtags in order to be a part of the larger conversation: #Food, #Healthcare, #Climate, #Local, #Sustainable, #ClimateChange, #HospitalFood #PlantForwardFuture

And don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, so we can amplify your messages as well!

Sample posts

We're charging forward into a #PlantForwardFuture with the Health Care Culinary Contest:

#Hospital chefs and food service professionals everywhere are discovering creative, plant-forward recipes that satisfy customers and increase sales. Showcase your talent in the Health Care Culinary Contest:

#Hospital chefs and #Food service professionals, are you ready to reimagine #HospitalFood? The Health Care Culinary Contest is back:

Health care culinary professionals are changing the way people think about #HospitalFood with the Health Care Culinary Contest. Learn more:

#Healthcare food pros, are you ready to amp up your sales and customer satisfaction while reducing your environmental impact? Then the Health Care Culinary Contest is the perfect addition to your #sustainability work:

#HospitalFood can be delicious, #sustainable, and combat #ClimateChange. The Health Care Culinary Contest will prove it:

#Hospitals are using the Health Care Culinary Contest to give employees, patients, and visitors a fun and fresh way to explore new flavors while changing their perception of #HospitalFood. Learn more:

Social media images

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Health Care Culinary Contest

Thank you for being such an important partner in the sustainable food movement. If you have any ideas or feedback on amplifying these messages through social media, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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