Health care procurement news: March 2021


Mayo Clinic replaces ultra-cold freezers, sees 60% energy-use reduction & will save $6 million over 10 years

Ultra-cold freezer_Mayo Clinic case study

Ultra-cold freezers are crucial to keep specimens viable and to store vaccines like the COVID-19 vaccines that are now being rapidly distributed throughout the country. However, these freezers utilize a significant amount of energy. Mayo Clinic has a fleet of over a thousand lab freezers that use as much energy as about 1,000 homes. Mayo Clinic decided to replace its freezers with more energy-efficient models. This change will have a significant impact – reducing the amount of energy used by over 60%. Taking a “total cost of ownership” approach also highlighted the cost savings realized through these efficiencies.

The future of freezers 

First products receive Greenhealth Approved seal

We are excited to announce the first group of products that meet our criteria to receive the Greenhealth Approved seal. The products can be viewed on the Greenhealth Approved website and you can sign up for direct product email updates.

The program continues to receive supplier inquiries and new suppliers entering the product review process. As a reminder, the current categories included in Greenhealth Approved are medical products, carpet, and resilient flooring. We will continue to provide updates as the program expands.

Supply with Greenhealth Approved

Exposure to flame retardants early in pregnancy linked to premature birth

Pregnant people are more likely to give birth early if they have high blood levels of a chemical used in flame retardants compared with those who have limited exposure, a new study by NYU Langone finds. The findings by NYU Langone, a Practice Greenhealth and Health Care Climate Council member, echo our purchasing guidance and manufacturing criteria for furnishings, carpet, and flooring for health care.

Enflaming risk 

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