Health Care Without Harm urges EPA to protect programs

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For over 20 years, Health Care Without Harm has worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to protect human and environmental health. Health Care Without Harm was founded after an EPA report identified medical waste incineration as the leading source of dioxin emissions, as well as a large percentage of mercury pollution.

Since then, Health Care Without Harm and our network of hospitals have relied on EPA programs and resources to advance our mission of transforming the health care sector so it reduces its environmental footprint and becomes a community anchor for sustainability.

Today, the future of the Environmental Protection Agency has never been more uncertain. Essential programs such as Energy Star Portfolio Manager, the EPA’s Waste Reduction Model, and the Smartway Program, which help our network of hospitals reduce their carbon footprint and protect the health of their communities, are facing possible cuts to their budgets and staff.

In response, Health Care Without Harm sent a letter urging Administrator Scott Pruitt to protect these EPA programs. Our July 2017 letter explains how hospitals across the country rely on these programs to limit their environmental impact and to safeguard the health of their patients and communities. Help us amplify the message of the EPA’s vital work by sharing the letter with your senators.

Health Care Without Harm and our network of hospitals remain committed to a well-funded and fully staffed Environmental Protection Agency that continues to honor its founding mission of ensuring all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn, and work.