Safer Chemicals Policy Watch: January 2018

1. Senate bill would cut EPA program that assesses chemical risks

In late November, the Senate Appropriations Committee released a spending bill that would kill the Integrated Risk Information System, an EPA program that evaluates the potential health risks to people from chemicals found in the environment and is used at state and local health agencies as well as internationally.

2. NGOs criticise U.S. EPA plan for new chemical decisions

NGOs raise concerns around a proposed new EPA decision making process that emphasizes significant new use rules in chemical safety decisions rather than keeping with systems put in place by the Lautenberg Act.

3. CPSC issues final rule on phthalates in toys and child care products

Nearly a decade in the making, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a final rule in November prohibiting the manufacture for sale, distribution in commerce, or importation of toys and child care products containing more than 0.1 percent of five phthalate chemicals, chemical plasticizers associated with health effects.

4. Facing Senate rejection, controversial pick to head EPA chemical office bows out

The controversial Trump Administration nominee for the Environmental Protection Agency’s top chemical safety position withdrew from consideration in December due to indications that the Senate likely would not confirm him. NGOs had launched a campaign against the nominee who was closely tied to the chemical industry.