Sustainable Health Care Waste Management: Strategies and Experiences (GGHH Webinar Series)

The latest installment in GGHH's Webinar Series explores how hospitals can reduce their overall toxic waste production, and implement more sustainable ways of managing the disposal of what waste they do produce. Click here for more information.


  • Identify health risks from health care waste to patients, workers and communities.
  • Describe strategies for waste minimization, recycling and sustainable management of hazardous waste.
  • Identify/describe various tools and resources to support the implementation of a comprehensive strategy for health care waste management.
  • Hear about successfully implemented waste management projects.


  • Ruth Stringer: International science and policy coordinator for Health Care Without Harm.
  • Mahesh Nakarmi: Founder and director of the Health Care Foundation Nepal (HECAF).
  • Sergio García: General Director of the Health Department in Xàtiva (Valencia, Spain).
  • Neilor Cardoso Guilherme: Environmental Engineer-responsible for the environmental management system of the Municipal Hospital of Vila Santa Catarina (São Paolo, Brazil).
  • Sheila Villarojo Yap: Infection Control Nurse in the Maria Reyna-Xavier University Hospital, Inc. in Philippines.


GGHH will be hosting two one-hour sessions to accommodate a variety of time zones. Both sessions will be in English, recorded and require registration prior to the event

Session 1: Wednesday, August 19th |  Register for Session 1 
Time: 7:00 PST; 10:00 EST; 11:00 ART; 15:00 BDT; 16:00 CET; 16:00 SAST; 19:45 NPT; 22:00 PHT; 22:00 CST. Check your time zone here

Session 2: Thursday, August 20th |  Register for Session 2 
Time: 07:00 BDT; 08:00 CET; 08:00 AM SAST; 11:45 NPT; 14:00 PHT; 14:00 CST; 14:00 AWST; 15:00 KST; 16:00 AEST. Check your time zone here

Cost: Free of charge; Language: English.

Those who participate in the entire webinar will receive a Certificate of Attendance by email. When you complete the registration form, please provide your name as you would like it to appear on the Certificate of Attendance.