A Tale of Two Cities

[From Huffington Post] Come January, Republican Jim Inhofe will take over leadership of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. This is the same man who recently called the US-China climate deal a "non-binding charade" and in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, argued its proposed power plant rules are illegal. Inhofe even wrote a book exposing his position on climate change: The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.

Just when it appeared we had achieved consensus that climate change was a major threat to our health and our communities, enter Inhofe and his supporters to launch us back to a worldview when the Earth was flat and tobacco smoke was good for you. Come January, God help us.

In Boston this week, a very different climate change story is unfolding...(Continue reading)

Gary Cohen is the Founder and President of Health Care Without Harm