Agriculture policy is health policy

To support a healthy food system, we must thoughtfully place doctors, farmers, nutritionists, and others on the front lines of public and food system health as the key advisors and drivers of dietary and agricultural policy change.  

Agricultural policy can and should support sustainable regional food systems with greater to access to healthy food to reduce diet-related disease. It is imperative that the health care community engage in agriculture policy discussions to ensure population and individual health remains a core focus.

Policy goals

  • Align federal agricultural policies with dietary recommendations
  • Promote agricultural practices that conserve natural resources and protect human and environmental health
  • End subsidies that encourage farm intensification to instead support farm diversification and regional food system growth
  • Maintain the effectiveness of antibiotics
  • Prioritize mitigating climate change by addressing agricultural contributions and impacts

Policy Opportunities

Agriculture policy is Health policy - Learn about how agriculture policy is directly linked to health and key points to include in advocacy for change:

  • Farm Bill
  • A healthy animal agriculture system
  • Equitable access to healthy food and market opportunity

Act now

Health professionals and hospital leaders can leverage their knowledge about and commitment to protecting public health and influence elected officials to support sustainable food and agriculture policies through sign-on letters, testimonials, and legislative visits.

  • Lend your voice to these farm policy actions that support human health:
    • Farm Bill
    • A healthy animal agriculture system
    • Equitable access to healthy food and market opportunity

Learn more

  • Webinar on the Farm Bill designed for busy clinicians, which provides an overview of threats to public health from industrial agriculture practices and how to engage in timely policy discussions as Congress prepares to debate the Farm Bill.
  • The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.
  • Reaping What we Sow - this report by US PIRG provides an analysis of the agricultural landscape and concludes that a combination of modern technologies, financial influences, and public policy have led to unintended negative consequences.

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