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Healthy Food in Health Care Summer 2015 Webinar Series

Part 1: Foundations: Emerging Science, Food Production Practices, and Federal Policy

June 5, 2015 View now >>

Part 2: Opportunities for Health Professional Engagement: Clinical Advocacy on Policies and  Procurement Resolutions

July 7, 2015 View now >>

Part 3: The Role of Procurement in Preventing Antibiotic Overuse in Food Production

August 4, 2015 View now >>

Protecting Antibiotics: How Health Care Can Prevent Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture

Part 3: Purchasing: Success Stories and Strategies for Hospital Food Service

June 24, 2014  View now >>

Protecting Antibiotics: How Health Care Can Prevent Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture

Part 2: Clinical Advocacy around Antibiotics: From Resolutions to Policy Engagement

May 27, 2014  View now >>

Protecting Antibiotics: How Health Care Can Prevent Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture

Part 1: Foundations: Emerging Science, Farm Practices, and Federal Policy

April 22, 2014  View now >>

Pesticides in our Food: The How, What, and Why Dietitians Need to Know

March 11, 2014  View now >>

The Role of Dietitians in the Local Food Movement

February 11, 2014  View now >>

Healthy Food Work in California: Health Care's Progress to Date

January 30, 2014  View now >>

Transparency in GMO Labeling and Seed Saving: What Dietitians Need to Know

January 16, 2014  View now >>

Antibiotics & Agriculture: Protecting Public Health With Your Purchasing Dollars

May 22, 2013  View now >>

Saving Antibiotics: A Clinical Perspective on Antibiotic Overuse in Agriculture

May 16, 2013  View now >>

Implementing Healthy Beverage Policies in Hospitals

February 7, 2013  View now >>

Political Advocacy for Nurses: Who, What, Why, When, and How

December 12, 2012  View now >>

Can Sustainable Hospitals Help Bend the Health Care Cost Curve?

December 4, 2012  View now >>

Greening your Nursing Practice: How to Get Things Done at Your Facility

November 22, 2012  View now >>

Balanced Menus - Meat Reduction and Sustainable Meat Procurement for Health Care

November 8, 2012  View now >>

Local & Sustainable Food Purchasing and Policies in Healthcare

September 13, 2012  View now >>

Nurses & Safer Chemicals

September 13, 2012  View now >>

Healthy Food, Healthy Patients: Nurses Impacting Food Environments to Improve Public Health

August 21, 2012  View now >>

Climate Change & Health: Is There a Role for the Health Care Sector?

July 12, 2012  View now >>

Environmental Health 101

May 29, 2012  View now >>

Climate Change and Human Health: A Nurse's Call to Action

November 16, 2011  View now >> 

Food Matters: The Role of Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals in Creating a Healthier Food System

November 10, 2011  View now >>

Food Matters: The Role of the Environment and How to Promote Greener and Cleaner Food for Maternal and Child Health

November 3, 2011  View now >>

Food Matters: Clinical Guidance to Help Your Patients Make Healthier Food Choices

October 27, 2011  View now >>

Food Matters: Obesity and Food Environments

December 9, 2010  View now >>

Food Matters: Organic Foods, Pesticides and Sustainable Food Production

November 4, 2010  View now >> 

Food Matters: Antibiotics Overuse: Why Healthcare Should Care about Agriculture Use

October 7, 2010  View now >>

Food Matters: The Role for Healthcare in Food and Agriculture Policy

September 9, 2010  View now >>