HCWH is working in partnership with governments, non-governmental organizations and mainstream health care institutions to advance our overall campaign goals throughout the sector. These partnerships and initiatives include:

Our partnerships have also created the capacity to transform health care practices on a global scale. HCWH and the World Health Organization are co-leading a global initiative to virtually eliminate mercury-based medical devices around the world by 2017. HCWH and WHO are also collaborating to address the health impacts of climate change and the climate impacts of the health sector.

HCWH is also working in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme and the World Health Organization to implement a Global Environment Facility project to demonstrate sustainable health care waste management in Argentina, Latvia, Lebanon, India, the Philippines, Senegal, Vietnam and Tanzania.

In Europe our campaign is increasingly successful and dynamic. We are working with doctors, nurses, governments and hospitals to promote environmentally sound health care in dozens of countries, while advocating for European Union-wide safer chemical policies and climate-friendly health care. For instance, we worked in collaboration with several organizations to achieve an EU-wide ban on mercury thermometers in 2007.

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