ANA 2006 House of Delegates Action Report: Nursing Practice, Chemical Exposures and Right-to-Know

This report identifies the need to ensure that the nursing profession supports a fundamental reform of the nation’s current chemical laws, regulations, rules, standards and policies in order to protect nurses, other health care workers, patients and their families, communities and the environment and advocates for increased research to better understand the relationship between health and the environment. It supports the integration of environmental health policy into nursing education, practice, research, and advocacy and policy development. The report further seeks to ensure that nurses have full access to information and the right-to-know about the potentially harmful chemicals, pollutants and hazards (neurotoxins, terratogens, carcinogens, pesticides, latex exposure, ionizing radiation, lasers, musculoskeletal injuries, viral and bacterial illnesses, needlestick injuries, violent assaults and physiological and psychological stressors) to which they are exposed regardless of nursing specialty or health care setting.