Healthy Beverages Implementation

Implementation Tools

In order to develop a successful healthy beverage program in hospitals it is essential to establish the current beverage policies, practices, access points, and product selection in place within the facility. Once a hospital has an understanding of the facility’s beverage landscape, the food service department can choose how best to initiate a healthy beverage program.  This information will give the food service department the framework they need to create a clear and comprehensive plan for developing and implementing their healthy beverage program goals.  The following tools will assist in the planning and implementing of a Healthy Beverage Program.

Making the Case

Prior to rolling out a Healthy Beverages initiative, it is important to gather buy-in from the hospital administration and facility staff in order to create the environment of social support.  Gathering key clinical advocates who recognize the link between unhealthy beverage consumption and poor health and encouraging their participation in a meeting with upper management is a great way to support these efforts.  Health care professionals throughout the country have shown their support by signing on to the Health Care Professional Pledge.  Together, with hospital administration, hospitals can announce their new prevention-based initiative to staff through newsletters, electronic communications, or educational events.  Innovative approaches to educating staff and visitors about the connection between healthy beverages and the hospital’s mission to promote health will go a long way in supporting the sustainability of Healthy Beverages programs.

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