Healthy Food Topics

Health care facilities across the continent are recognizing that the food system — how our food is produced and distributed — is misaligned with dietary guidelines, and is largely reliant on methods of production and distribution that harm public and environmental health.

The food system is inherently a deeply complex and interwoven concept that must be considered from an integrative, ecological perspective in order to develop solutions that nourish our health and that of the planet. Healthy Food in Health Care has selected a broad-reaching scope of topics of concern that form the basis for our work.  These issues, like antibiotic resistance, for example, cut to the core of a hospital’s operations. Others, like climate change and genetically engineered foods, are matters of serious public health concern that we believe the health care community has a capacity and power to influence.

We encourage you to explore the issues we prioritize in our work and consider how your facility can begin to integrate changes that address these concerns in your day-to-day operations.

Please contact a HFHC regional organizer for more specific technical assistance.