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Safer Chemicals: Health Care Action Kit

The Guide to Choosing Safer Products and Chemicals was developed by Health Care Without Harm to help health care institutions transition to safer chemicals and materials and to understand the broader public policy context in which the institutional work takes place.

Download the entire Guide to Choosing Safer Products and Chemicals: Implementing Chemicals Policy in Health Care (pdf). For a brief overview, download the Getting Started Guide (pdf).

Table of Contents 

Section A: Introductory Documents

  • Rationale for a Comprehensive Chemicals Policy in Health Care 
  • Explanation of a Comprehensive Chemicals Policy in Health Care

Section B: Policies and Plans for Implementation

  • Developing a Written Institutional Chemicals Policy
  • Developing a Written Plan of Action to Implement an Institutional Chemicals Policy 
  • Key Issues for Implementation of a Comprehensive Chemicals Policy Program

Section C: Implementation Strategies

  • Supply Chain Implementation Strategy 
  • Advocacy Implementation Strategy 
  • Occupational Health Implementation Strategy 

Section D: Appendices

  • Annotated List of Chemical Lists for Targeted Chemicals Strategy 
  • Check-list for Chemicals Policy Implementation 

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