Safer chemicals policy watch

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Under the Trump Administration, EPA is making rapid and far-reaching changes to environmental regulations from rolling back mercury and air toxic standards for power plants to undermining the new law meant to review chemicals for safety before products hit the shelves.

Our policy watch will help keep you current. This month in policy:

  • EPA proposes partial bans on four PBTs The agency has proposed to ban most uses of two flame retardants, a fuel and lubricant additive, and a substance used in rubber manufacturing as part of its effort to address persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substances that were subject to fast-tracked action under the 2016 revisions to the Toxic Substances Control Act. The law says the agency must address the risk they pose to human health or the environment, and reduce exposure to them "to the extent practicable."
  • Trump Administration’s five most dangerous attacks on the environment Trump’s administration has pursued cuts in environmental protections that are critical to the health of all Americans. This article in the Guardian outlines five of the most egregious environmental setbacks under Trump.
  • Beverage companies embrace recycling, until it costs them They have pledged to help fix U.S. recycling, but for decades beverage companies have fought against “bottle bills,” which result in more bottles and cans being recycled but are costly for the industry.