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Evaluating Non-Incineration Alternatives: A tool for health care staff and concerned community members, May 2000 (pdf)

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For more information on waste treatment technologies and alternatives to the dangerous practice of incineration, see Alternatives to Incineration.

Waste Audit Tools

Practice Greenhealth has a robust set of tools and resources for assisting healthcare facilities in tracking, managing and minimizing their waste streams. Learn more at:

Learn more about the different kinds of waste healthcare produces and how your organization can begin reducing the waste it generates.

Additional Resources

  • Join Practice Greenhealth
    Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit membership organization founded on the principles of positive environmental stewardship and best practices by organizations in the healthcare community. www.practicegreenhealth.org
  • The GEF Project
    We are collaborating with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Development Programme on a Global Environment Facility funded project to reduce environmental releases of dioxins and mercury by demonstrating and promoting best techniques and practices for reducing and managing health care waste in urban and rural settings in seven countries.
  • Immunization Waste
    Today it is still standard practice for international agencies carrying out immunization campaigns to instruct their field operations managers to burn the sharps and PVC syringes onsite. Ironically, while these all important immunization initiatives may be safeguarding public health in the short-term, in the long run they are creating potential public health problems through the inadequate disposal of their waste. In 2004 HCWH, in collaboration with the Philippine Department of Health, HCWH demonstrated that immunization waste can be disposed of safely, cheaply and in an environmentally sound fashion without the use of incinerators.
  • WasteMed
    WasteMed is an on-line resource for medical waste regulations, storage, treatment, and disposal.
  • Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance