The Healthy Food in Health Care program encourages hospitals to purchase meat and poultry produced without routine, non-therapeutic antibiotics. Through our Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture initiative, hospitals transition their purchases while joining other institutions and supply chain partners to transform the marketplace. 

By prioritizing meat and poultry raised without routine, non-therapeutics antibiotics, hospitals can move the food system in a more sustainable direction: 

  • Preserve the efficacy of antibiotics that are important for human medicine; 
  • Preserve the use of all antibiotics for the therapeutic use of diagnosed disease;
  • Protect the health of farmworkers and their families exposed to resistant bacteria on the farm; 
  • Reduce the amount and exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria on raw meat and poultry in the marketplace; and finally
  • Encourage producers to alter productions systems to address crowding and sanitation so they no longer require these drug inputs. 

Organizations like our own are joining other institutional sectors to ensure antibiotics are not routinely used in animal production. This includes organizations like School Food FOCUS, which feeds 2.3 million students across the United States and others like Real Food Challenge representing more than 300 colleges and universities, and 300,000 students across the nation. 

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*Membership in the MTG is limited to Health Systems that are members of Practice Greenhealth. Suppliers, distributors, group purchasing organizations and other relevant parties may be invited by the MTG to participate in webinars, conference calls and in-person meetings but are not eligible for membership in the MTG.

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