Visual storytelling guide

Jessica LeClair quoteEvery health care organization has storytellers

Our new visual storytelling guide will help you tell yours

At Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, we recognize the interconnections between our own health and the health of our planet and our personal connections to the places where we work and play.

In over 25 years of work to connect with individuals, institutions, communities, and industries, we have realized the power of story to shift behaviors and compel action that protects our health and our future. It began by telling our Do No Harm story of the journey that led us to realize the power within the health sector to drive action on health, resilience, and climate change and continues with your stories.

Each story you share connects to the larger narrative of health care taking action to protect our health and our future.

We created the visual storytelling guide to help you see yourself as part of the larger ecosystem, to use tools to bring out the stories you carry, and also to reflect on the stories of those around you.

Storytelling guide benefits

Featuring examples from health care leaders, our guide will show you:

  • How to choose stories and storytellers
  • How to connect personal narratives to the bigger picture
  • How to customize your story to reach your chosen audience
  • How to write and illustrate a compelling, exciting, and engaging story
  • How to use visuals, podcasts, videos, and photographs to capture your audience’s attention, explain concepts, and add impact
  • How to share your story and get your message in front of the people who you want to hear it

It is our sincere desire that our work will accelerate continued healing, amplify narratives that need to be heard, and contribute to strong initiatives for climate justice. We invite you to join us in sharing your story today.

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