Our Team


Health Care Without Harm uses a unique structure of collaboration to affect our change sector wide. Our team includes employees of Health Care Without Harm, environmental and health organizations, institutions and independent consultants.

The Health Care Without Harm U.S. headquarters are located at:
12110 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 600 
Reston, VA 20190 USA
p: 703-860-9790
f: 703-342-0337

Our Teams

Executive Team

Paul Bogart
Executive Director 

Stacia Clinton
Chief Program Officer

Gary Cohen
President and Founder
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Jolie Patterson
Chief Operating Officer


Michelle Gottlieb 
Director, Organizational Change and Learning

Genework Hunde
Accounting Clerk

Sanjeev Kale
Senior Director, IT Solutions

Florence Muriithi
Administrative Coordinator

Veronique Nagle
Director, Human Resources and Administration

Wendell Pierre
Senior Accountant

Lee Rennie
Director of Finance

Kervi Walent
Human Resources Coordinator

Brian Youngblood
Associate Director, IT Solutions

Erwin Yunani
Database Manager, IT Solutions


Ana Belluscio
Global Communications Manager

Kevin Conway
Associate Director, Communications

Lindsey Corey
US Communications Director

April Galarza
Communications Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care, Safer Chemicals

Rob Gough
Communications Manager, Climate and Health

Haley Jordan
Communications Specialist

Amanda Scheid
Digital Content Manager

Ella Schwotzer
Associate Director, Communications


Marisa Brasor 
Managing Director, Philanthropic Partnerships and Strategy

Thealisha Muse
Grants & Grant Systems Manager

Erin Ricci
Director of Principal Gifts, Philanthropic Partnerships and Strategy

Climate and Health Program

Amy Collins, MD
Senior Clinical Advisor for Physician Engagement

Keith Edgerton
Associate Director, Climate Solutions

Eugenia Gibbons
Massachusetts Director, Climate Policy

Antonia Herzog
Associate Director, Partnerships, Advocacy and Equity

Robyn Rothman
Associate Director, State Policy Programs 

Winston Vaughan 
Massachusetts Director, Climate Solutions

Jessica Wolff
Director, U.S. Climate Program

Energy and Built Environment Program

Robin Guenther
Sustainable Healthcare Design Leader
Perkins + Will

Paul Lipke
Room to Maneuver

Healthy Food in Health Care Program

Courtney Crenshaw 
California Regional Program Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care

Amber Hansen 
Western U.S. Regional Program Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care

Lauren Kaskey
New England Regional Program Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care

Nancy Kohn
Director of Regional Innovation and Equity, Healthy Food in Health Care

Lauren Poor
California Community Food Systems Regional Program Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care

Lucia Sayre
Director of Regional Innovation and Community Resilience, Healthy Food in Health Care

Emma Sirois
National Program Director, Healthy Food in Health Care

Betsy Skoda 
New England Community Food System Regional Program Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care

John Stoddard
National Project Manager, Healthy Food in Health Care

International Coordination

Mariano De Donatis
International Managing Director

Josh Karliner
Director, International Program and Strategy

Tanvi Ajmera
Associate Director, International Climate

Antonella Risso
Manager, International Climate Technical and Research

Sonia Roschnik
Director, International Climate Policy

Josefina Tillous
International Project Management Assistant

Ruth Stringer
International Science and Policy Coordinator

Nick Thorp
Network Director, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals

Jennifer Wang
Associate Director, International Climate

Susan Wilburn
Director, International Sustainability

Mariano Zamorano
Membership and Program Assistant, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals

Latin America

Carolina Gil Posse
Associate Director, Programs and Communications for Latin America

Andrea Hurtado Epstein
Climate Program Manager for Latin America

Claudia Paz Giraldo
Technical Projects Facilitator for Latin America

Complete List of Global Projects Team

Safer Chemicals Program

Beth Eckl
Director, Environmental Purchasing Program

Ted Schettler, MD
Science Director        
Science & Environmental Health Network

John Ullman 
Director, Safer Chemicals and Procurement

Practice Greenhealth

Sector Performance

Christopher Bodkin
Data Coordinator

Cecilia DeLoach Lynn
Director, Sector Performance and Recognition

Lin Hill
Awards Specialist

Lara Sutherland
Director, Program Analytics and Database Management

Sustainability Solutions

Shanda Demorest
Sustainability Strategy Manager

Kate Gottlieb
Sustainability Strategy Manager

Janet Howard
Sustainability Solutions Director

Julie Moyle
Sustainability Strategy Manager

Kaeleigh Sheehan
Sustainability Strategy Manager

Growth & Marketing 

Hillary Greenwood
Director of Advisory Services

Evan Newman
Growth and Marketing Manager, US and Canada

Scott Rich
Director of Growth and Marketing