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About Health Care Without Harm

Our mission

Health Care Without Harm seeks to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability, and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.

Our vision

Health care mobilizes its ethical, economic, and political influence to create an ecologically sustainable, equitable, and healthy world.

Our goals

  1. Protect public health from climate change: Reduce health care’s carbon footprint, foster climate-resilient health systems, mobilize the health sector to address climate change as a public health issue, and advocate for solutions that accelerate a transition to clean, renewable energy. 
  2. Transform the supply chain: Establish and globalize procurement criteria and leverage health care’s purchasing power to drive policies and markets for ethically produced, healthy, sustainable products and services. 
  3. Build leadership for environmental health: Inspire, mobilize, and support health care’s leadership to promote environmental sustainability, human rights, and the right to health in order to achieve large-scale, transformational change.

Our network

Our affiliated network Practice Greenhealth is the innovation hub scaling the work of Health Care Without Harm. It is the leading sustainable health care organization, delivering environmental solutions to more than 1,400 hospitals and health systems in the United States and Canada, including the Veterans Administration health system and the Army’s MedCom facilities. Partnership opportunities include NGOs, nonprofits, government, academic institutions, and the health care value chain. 

Beyond the U.S. and Canada, our global hospital network, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, represents over 60,000 hospitals and health centers, treating hundreds and millions of patients in 75 countries. 

Health Care Without Harm has regional teams in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America where staff work on community-based projects as well as national and global initiatives. We also have strategic partnerships with organizations in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Nepal, and South Africa as well as joint projects with the United Nations Development Programme and World Bank.

Learn more about our efforts to help the health care sector reduce its environmental footprint.