Market transformation

Health care has had a long standing tradition of influencing product options. Often working with the manufacturer community, hospital facilities have helped lead to the creation of new products that provided better clinical outcomes. Similarly health care is guiding and demanding safer, more sustainable options from manufacturers. Learn which companies and health systems are driving change and what health care leadership can do to encourage market transformation. 

Greenhealth Approved: Purchasing made easy

Our Greenhealth Approved program uses the trusted criteria of Health Care Without Harm to identify products with appropriate sustainability features. The program uses a structured and comprehensive method for data collection and review. The suppliers’ data is used to validate that the sustainability criteria has been met.  

Act now

You are a health care professional

Health care professionals are profound market influencers. From their presence in local communities to their purchasing power, their ability to transform markets is powerful. Health care professionals can channel this purchasing power to inform the market on what types of products will be acceptable and how manufacturers can best help them make the world a more sustainable place.

Purchase verified products from Greenhealth Approved

Benefits for purchasers:

  • No need to solicit validation data from suppliers
  • No need to review criteria against data
  • No need to resource expertise to validate product features for sustainability
  • Ability to source Greenhealth Approved products through preferred channels/contracting sources
  • Continued confidence that products featured meet Health Care Without Harm’s well-established criteria
  • Security in knowing the review process requires a higher degree of product transparency

Join a cohort to influence the marketplace

Our virtual sustainable procurement cohorts provide Practice Greenhealth partners a space to learn about new trends and technologies and collaborate with their peers on implementation strategies.

You are a supplier

Manufacturers who produce products sold into the health care market have always played a crucial role in transforming health care. Responsive to their customers’ needs, many suppliers have altered manufacturing processes and invested in crucial product research. Now is the time for cutting edge manufacturers to further this work by investing in products that their customers are demanding. Collaboration with health care can transform the market to a more sustainable world.

Work with Greenhealth Approved to verify your products and reach the health care market

Benefits to suppliers:

  • Central and consistent data submission process
  • Reduces redundant submissions
  • Ability to signal the market that products meet the trusted criteria of Health Care Without for sustainability