Health Care Climate Council

HCCCClimate change is emerging as the most important environmental and human health issue of our time. As stewards of individual and community health, hospitals have a unique opportunity to address climate change. Leading by example, hospitals must make impactful and measurable progress to address climate change in their own operations, among the communities they serve, and throughout the United States.

In an effort to build a unified voice among hospitals committed to addressing climate change, Health Care Without Harm established the Health Care Climate Council. The Council’s mission is to amplify public and private responses to climate change through:

  • Mitigating the carbon footprint of hospitals and the health care sector;
  • Preparing for the impacts of climate change by building resilient health systems and communities; and
  • Advocating for local, state, and national policies that ensure a sustainable and healthy future consistent with our collective vision for healthy individuals and communities.

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Becoming a Member

Council membership is open to Practice Greenhealth hospitals and health systems engaged in mitigating their environmental impact, investing in resiliency, and becoming leading voices in making the connection between climate change and human health.

For more information about the Health Care Climate Council or if you are interested in becoming a member, contact Jessica Wolff, Director of Health Care Without Harm’s Climate and Health Program.

Current Members 

Climate Action Playbook

The Climate Action Playbook captures how hospitals are demonstrating commitment. It’s intended to inspire and encourage hospitals to engage further in climate action, providing a vivid path forward to achieving measurable progress and outcomes. The time has never been more critical for hospitals and healthcare to take action.


A Playbook for Hospitals 

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Climate Action Playbook Reference Page

 Individual Sections

Playbook Cover

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About the Health Care Climate Council

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Healthier Food Section

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Leaner Energy Section

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Greening the Operating Room Section

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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Section

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Less Waste Section

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Climate Resilience Section

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Transportation Section

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 Leadership Section

Leadership Section

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