Anchors in the Storm

[From Huffington Post] The U.S. Presidential election brought to the forefront the unfinished business of our society. All of the unconscious fears and prejudices with which we have struggled over the arc of our country’s history were exposed. The endemic racism, the rampant sexism, the fear of the Other, the arrogance of wealth - all these shadowy aspects of our society were given shrill voice during the past year. It was as if our collective unconscious came roaring into the public sphere unfiltered and without shame. We have been confronted with our own dark side, and it is painful to acknowledge it.

As professionals in the healing business, how does this impact our work? What is our role in this time of exquisite vulnerability and danger? First of all, we have a responsibility to bear witness to what is happening in our communities. We see firsthand the violence, deprivation and economic inequities among our neighbors. We know that many do not have safe housing and secure jobs. We see how these basic conditions contribute to negative health impacts in the communities we serve. In many American cities, there is a twenty year life expectancy difference between rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. Our society has unfinished business in addressing the economic conditions that contribute to obscene health disparities in our communities. (Continue Reading)