Eating local year-round

Summer Nourished by New England screen image

Hospitals, nourished by New England, spent $12,500 on local foods

More than 40 hospitals across the region have committed to being Nourished by New England — buying and serving locally grown and harvested foods throughout the year. What does this mean in winter? Apples, carrots, winter squash, and haddock. Over the winter season, hospitals spent on average around $12,500 on local food and $2,900 on the featured items.

Participating hospitals also endeavored to spread the word about New England’s seasonal harvest, educating staff, customers, and patients about the availability and benefits of New England-grown foods. Hospitals used nutrition month as a springboard for these efforts, and offered tastings and menu specials highlighting featured winter foods.

It is not too late to join Nourished by New England. This free seasonal harvest program makes it easy to buy and feature local foods on your menu. When you sign up, you gain access to a set of beautifully designed materials — posters, table tents, and screen images — that promote the availability and benefits of local, seasonal foods. To support your effort, we also have recipes and can offer guidance for finding local products.

The summer season kicks off on July 1. Join us in celebrating New England summer staples- redfish, cucumbers, tomatoes, and berries.

Get nourished.