Safer Chemicals Policy Watch: November 2017

-Trump’s pick for EPA safety chief argued kids are less sensitive to toxins advanced by the Senate Environment Committee on Oct. 25, Trump’s appointee for the high-ranking EPA role has a controversial history as a consultant producing questionable science evaluations that consistently failed to recognize threats that were clear to scientists and regulators not on the companies’ payroll,. leaving the future upcoming implementation of Toxic Substances Control Act reform in question.

-Courts thwart administration’s effort to rescind Obama-Era environmental regulations
While President Trump has prioritized the dismantling of Obama-era environmental regulations, such as a rule aiming to improve safety at facilities that use hazardous chemicals, federal judges are ruling these rushed actions are illegal.

 -Why has EPA shifted on toxic chemicals?
Industry-backed political appointees to the EPA by the Trump administration mark a significant shift in the way the agency regulates hazardous chemicals, garnering praise from the chemical and manufacturing industries and concern from advocacy and consumer protection groups.

 -EPA’s top 10 toxic threats, and industry’s pushback
Industry representatives are gearing up for a fight as the EPA publishes its list of top 10 toxic threats it will evaluate first under last year’s TSCA reform for risks to human health and the environment.

-New York Times opinion: Trump’s legacy: Damaged brains
The Trump administration is dismantling environmental regulations that are meant to protect human health from toxic chemicals, potentially leaving a lasting legacy in the brains of American children.