Clinicians "Get Smart" with Stories about Antibiotic Resistance

As clinicians, you see firsthand the effects of antibiotic resistance on your patients and public health. Not only are you in a position to prevent detrimental outcomes, but polls show that doctors are among the most trusted professions. Your experiences and insight can illustrate the problem in a compelling way that leads to action.

Health Care Without Harm and the Clinician Comprehensive Antibiotic Stewardship (CCCAS) Collaborative are collecting stories from clinicians about their experience with antibiotic resistance to motivate transformative policy change. 

In a recent webinar featuring medical sociologist, Julia E. Szymczak, we demonstrated the power of clinician storytelling and offered practical guidance to help leverage healthcare professionals' experiences and insight to illustrate the problem in a compelling way that leads to action. 

Now we'd like to hear from you. Tell us your story about antibiotic resistance. 

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