Nourished by New England

Nourished by New England makes it easy for health care to support our regional food system and local producers.

Health care is an essential player in achieving the “50 by 60” goal established by Food Solutions New England to build our regional food system’s capacity to produce 50% of food eaten in New England by 2060. The best way to contribute is to buy and serve local, seasonal foods.

Over the next four seasons, we’ll feature locally grown, raised, and harvested foods and introduce you to the farmers and food businesses who bring them to our table.

Join health care facilities from across New England in supporting the New England food system and its local producers by pledging to serve a featured seasonal food twice per month.

Participants will receive access to illustrated materials to promote their efforts and to educate their patrons about New England’s seasonal harvest.

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Winter Harvest: Carrots, winter squash, apples, haddock

Storing, freezing, and preserving crops makes it possible to eat New England grown all winter long.

Nourished winter harvest 


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Featured Farmer
Miles Smith Farm

Miles Smith pig

A 36-acre farm located in Loudon, New Hampshire, Miles Smith Farm sells beef, pork, and lamb raised without antibiotics and added hormones.


Faces of New England

Faces of New England is a group of farm and food businesses, growing their businesses to meet the needs of institutional buyers. Each Faces business is unique.

Some participants currently serve institutions and are looking to grow their customer base. Others are just making the leap into institutional markets. Meet them all and find your next new source of fresh, local food.

Meet the Faces of New England farms and food businesses