Improving Antibiotic Stewardship in Animal Agriculture Webinar Series

Healthy Food in Health Care, a program of HCWH is hosting a webinar series about improving antibiotic stewardship in animal agriculture. 

Marketing and Promotion to Support Purchasing Strategies 

October 4th at 3pm EST / 12noon PST
Hospitals across the country are breaking ranks with their traditional supply chains and seeking and purchasing meat and poultry products from producers who use antibiotics responsibly—if at all. However these forward thinking actions take work and often higher costs to protect public health. It is important to have hospital administrators and hospital eaters (staff, patients and visitors) on your side and supportive of these efforts. Join us to explore opportunities to message this complex issue to your constituents. Learn from others who have had success and receive tips and tools for building your program. 

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Policy Action Through Storytelling

This webinar was held August 9th 2016
Advocacy to promote policy action can be strengthened through the sharing of stories of people and communities personally impacted. With the issue of antibiotic resistance, this includes the stories of the families and survivors of antibiotic resistant infections and the clinicians working to heal these patients. The Clinician Champions in Comprehensive Antibiotic Stewardship (CCCAS) Collaborative hosted this webinar to arm clinicians and others with tools to share their firsthand struggle with resistant infections with administrators and public policy makers to motivate action towards antibiotic stewardship. Emphasis was placed on the linkage between antibiotic use in animal agriculture and the impact on the effectiveness of antibiotics in human medicine. Speakers included Julia E. Szymczak and Evan Lerner

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